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US Senators Invited to Warsaw to Discuss Issues of Property Restitution

Opublikowane 04/04/18 o godz.21:42 w kategorii English.
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In response to the letter of 59 Senators to the Polish government concerning a proposed Act on Reprivatization, social activists and a member of the Verification Commission have invited the Senators to visit Warsaw to learn more about the complications involved and discuss the issues.

During a press conference held at the Parliament, the signatories to the invitation explained their motivation and said that they invited dialogue on the issue. They pointed out that the current situation created both a high social cost as well as encouraged the actions of an organized criminal group which came into possession of a number of properties illegally. Adam Zielinski from the Verification Commission pointed out a number of addresses where foreigner citizens where also cheated.

Earlier in the day, Jan Spiewak from Warsaw Free City Association pointed out that it was essential to speak about the real costs of rebuilding Warsaw and to speak in a factual matter, with an aim to improve relations. Jakub Żaczek from the Committee in Defense of Tenants’ Rights also suggested that people in other countries may not be fully aware of what has been happening regarding reprivatization in Poland with a lack of regulation.

The invitation is printed below as an open letter. The Committee in Defense of Tenants’ Right has also uploaded a copy of a prior agreement between Poland and the US regarding compensation.

We look forward to a response.

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