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During the Euro 2012 in Warsaw, the Tenants Defense Committee welcomes foreign visitors to take the Euro Reality Tour of the Praga district, near the National Stadium.

We will take you to see historic buildings and sites in Praga and also see parts of the neighbourhood which are under threat due to gentrification, real estate speculation and plans related to the Euro. During the construction of the Stadium, many people were displaced from their homes, nearby markets were destroyed and the character of the neighbourhood has changed. On this tour you will get to see a piece of old Praga, which was not destroyed during the war – before it is destroyed by greed and indifference.

We will also show you a bit of how people live in the neighbourhood, a bit of reality about our social situation in Poland.

The tour is given in different languages and will last from 1.5-2 hours. Afterwards, you can get a meal at an authentic “milk bar” or visit other interesting places nearby if you like.

The tour starts in front of the St. Florian church on al. Solidarności in Praga. (Any bus or tram from the old town, one stop, on the other side of the river. Bus stop “Park Praski”.)

Time and dates:

Saturday, July 9 at 12:00 (English)  15:00 (Spanish)

Sunday, July 10 at 13:00 (Polish)

Monday, July 11 at 13:00 (Russian)
See you there!

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